Distinguish the Difference !

I’m feeling a little concerned and scared at the moment.

You’ve probably read the news about that co-pilot that crashed the plane in the Alps on purpose, killing everyone. It is a dramatic event of course. What concerned me at the moment is how they are portraying (the journalists and medias) the co-pilot. Yes the guy was depressed and was treated multiple times for various “mental illness” and “instability” but the manner everything is shown is that mental illness equal psychopaths/murderer in the being/ etc.

I’m not going to lie, I am scared. Scared of what people would think if they know that I was hearing voices. In my head. All the time. That I can switch. That two of my parts can be aggressive (towards me).

I’ve always questioned the media and I’m being very careful of what I read/listen on the news and what I believe, but not everyone is like that. Some people will always think that people with mental illness (no matter which one) are dangerous people and the medias do not help.

One of the first thing I thought when I realised that I was hearing voices but no one else was, I thought I was schizophrenic. Voices in head = schizophrenia of course ! I was scared to tell anyone because I thought they would put me in a “special home” (which almost happened – story for another time). Schizophrenia was for me a very scary mental illness (you know, news etc don’t help). I know better now of course, but I was one of those people.

But that was 15 years ago or so. The Internet wasn’t so present as it is now. Nowadays, having access to internet so easily can be a blessing but can also be dangerous.

Anyway, back on my subject. I am terrified at the moment that people would discover I have DID (I’m talking strangers or acquaintances, not friends or family). I know it’s stupid because there is no way they would know. But with everything on the media at the moment, I feel like they are trying to blame people with mental illness for everything, that the discrimination towards people with mental illness  will be even worse.

Medias and journalists should be more careful on how to word things: most of people with depression, etc have jobs and aren’t dangerous for others ! Distinguish the difference ! Stop trying to scare others of mental illness.

When will we live in the world that understand that mental illness isn’t a bad thing ?! In case of DID, it’s actually a very healthy way that our brains have to protect itself !

I could rant on that for hours but “nobody ain’ time for that”.

One thought on “Distinguish the Difference !

  1. Did you actually try mindfulness techniques? No idea if they work on DID itself but they work for sure on the anxious and obsessive side of any disorder.


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