About this blog



About me (Ama):

I was diagnosed with DID in 2010. I’m still in therapy with the psychotherapist that diagnosed my DID.

I live with my partner, J. and our little pets. My mum, one of my brothers, J. and a handful of friends are aware of my DID.


Why a blog ?:

I want to write my story, I would like people to understand what it is to live with DID (and other mental illnesses) but also for the people around it.

I also want to share other things like my hobbies, things that I’ve discovered about myself after the diagnosis, etc.


About the blog:

Title: I wanted to include the “DID” and the word “crazy”. How many times did I think I was crazy ? How many times did my family or friends thought I was crazy ? How many times people told me I was crazy ? I stopped counting and now that I know I have DID, I like joking about it with the people who know. I use humor to make things easier, that’s one of the things I developed at a young age to protect myself.


Anonymity: I’ve always been quite vocal about the fact that I was on therapy for depression, self-harming and suicidal moods (and this from a young age). I think people are now more educated on those subjects.
However, DID can be quite “scary” for others and unfortunately can still be discriminated against. I’ve chosen to protect my partner, my family, my friends and myself. It might change over time but for now I need to think of protecting myself.

As per 23/02/2016, I’ve decided to not be anonymous anymore on my blog. I will explain things in an upcoming blog post.



I am not specialist on DID, the only purpose of this blog is to share my story. My beliefs are personal and are relevant to me and my alters. I know how DID work and can relate to most of people with DID, I love reading about it but I am not a therapist.

Also, be aware that some blog posts can also be a trigger, be safe when reading and ask yourself if you can read things that might upset you somehow. I will always try to put a warning on posts that I think may be a trigger.

4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I feel like I just met my blog soulmate <3 Even though we live with a different set of circumstances, I feel a connection to what you say here. I especially relate to using humor to help cope and also the part where you talk about "how many times have I?They?Have told me I'm crazy" that struck a nerve for sure. I've been told I'm crazy more than once in my life…I can only imagine how many people thought it…you spend all your energy being conscious of it and I don't think everyone gets how draining that is. It's a full time job being "crazy" lol


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