Some news

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since last time I wrote on my blog. I don’t have any excuse really.

I have had ups and downs but it is funny because when I’m down, I don’t want to write and when I’m feeling better, I am unsure what to write about because “everything is alright”.

I have started writing my book again and I am very excited about it. It will be a memoir focusing on my life with D.I.D. I want to keep it light so to give hope to others with mental illnesses, that having mental illness doesn’t need to be the end. I believe in people (maybe a bit too much sometimes?) and I would like people to be reminded that they are not alone and that they can talk about it without feeling judged (not easy I know!). Anyway…


On another happy notes, we got a dog. She is called Olive, she will be a year old beginning of August. She is fantastic and a mummy’s girl. She is always with me and really does help me with my depression. I love having her. She is the second love of my life <3


My DID and alters have been pretty much in control lately. We live harmoniously (so far so good). I get a bit switchy when I am tired or overly-stressed.


Anyway, quick update for today. If you have a dog, tell me in the comment how they help you with your mental health.

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