DID = artists in the being ?

As I’ve explained in the “about me” section, I have been diagnosed with DID 5 years ago.

One of the first thing my therapist asked me was “are you creative ? Do you paint, draw, or something like this ?”. I laughed so much when she asked. My answer was clear “No. Nope. Nope. I’m absolutely not a creative person!” and I laughed more.

She then explained to me that most of people with DID are actually quite creative but it might not be my case.

Further down the line, I was stuck in my therapy with my younger part, I couldn’t reach to her and couldn’t understand her. My therapist asked me then to maybe do something “fun” with her and let her choose.

One thing about me is that I am “an intellectual”, very down-to-earth type of person. Or that’s what I thought.

Anyway, I tried the exercise and The Little One told me she wanted to paint. Which we did and it was fun. I’ve actually never had so much fun and I connected for the first time with my alter ego.

Later on, Ana and Anabelle told me they wanted to sew. I bought a sewing machine and we did stuff. I was so doubtful about that and thought I was spending crazy money for no reason.

I was so wrong, we loved it and we were quite good at it. 5 years later, I’m actually starting a creative business by sewing some accessories for pets !

I connected on a different level with my alter ego. It was a great way to actually find myself and removing the “voices” in my head that was telling me that I was rubbish and couldn’t do anything (thanks to my dad). My self-esteem actually greatly improved since I started being more creative.

So here some of the things I do:

– with The Little One: painting, paw prints of our pets, playing Lego, colouring
– with Ana and Anabelle: sewing the accessories for pets and nail art (they don’t want to admit it but I know they love playing Lego too)
– with The Mum: creating and sewing clothes, photography.

We also write often, all of us. The Mum or Ana and Anabelle or I help The Little One.

Being creative helped Treize the most. She was created at the time where our relationship with our dad was difficult and she heard so many negativity from him. “You’re rubbish”, “You’re stupid”, “You will not do anything with your life”, etc.

She carried all that with her. Out of all of us, she was the one carrying the most negativity from our dad. Since we started being creative, Treize is actually not really here now. I don’t feel her and can’t connect with her. She is “in the background” which saddened me but she knows she can come back whenever she likes to play with us. She just doesn’t need to be here as much anymore.

Back on the subject: creativity ! (I do drift a lot, it’s hard to follow me sometimes ;) ).

What I want to say here is that being creative helped me and my alters to connect better and on another level. I am trying often new things with them.

I also do not care anymore of the look of people when I buy Lego at the shop. I don’t even lie and actually admit that it’s for me ! In your face judgemental people !!!

For someone “that isn’t creative”, I always have nice nail art on my hands and clothes I refashioned and my house is full of colours and Legos and paintings !

Be creative rocks !

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