Hosts and Alters

The Hosts:

Ama: This is me, creator of the blog and the one the most around (or I believe I am). Diagnosed with DID at 26 years old. Age: 32

The Mum: The Mum was created when I was around 5 year old. She is the one protecting us all, she mothered us all the time and mother others. Her tone of voice is quite different than mine when The Mum is in control. It’s easy to switch to her as she is an host, not a part, so most of people will deal with us both without really noticing it. Age: 4o something


The Parts:

The Little One (Whose name is Emily, she told me in June 2015): She is the youngest of all. The Little One had to deal with a lot. Our little brother died when she was 4 years old and had to look after our mum and our new little brother (born a year later). She also witnessed and helped our mum when our father was violent. When she comes around, it’s easy to recognise by her childish voice and she adores J. Age: 5 years old

Treize: She was created to deal with our father after the divorce. She had to deal with him and his anger, etc. She was the one that had to deal with picking up the money every month, etc. Treize is more of a “ghost part” for the past 2 years, she isn’t around as much as we have dealt with her issue. We do miss her though. Age: 13 years old

Ana & Anabelle: They are sisters and are together all the time, we cannot communicate with one only. They are super angry all the time but they had to deal with much more than any other. They dealt with sexual assaults from an ex boyfriend, with an over-protected mother, an absent when not angry father, a jealous brother, studying, etc. They took over completely for I think 4 years. They are usually depressed, suicidal (or suicidal moods) and have eating disorders. When they come around, they are usually angry or very suicidal. J. can recognise them as they hate having men around but we are working on that. Age: 15 or 16 years old

7 thoughts on “Hosts and Alters

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It’s nice meeting you all and if you’re up for it please check out my blog friend CC :)

    She also lives with D.I.D and she’s a wonderful person and I think you would both connect :) I look forward to reading more about you :)


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