Art and D.I.D

Ok it’s probably old news for a lot of people but I love what Toby Allen does. His “monsters” have been created to demystified mental illnesses. I think they are also a good way to explain a specific mental illness to someone else. Those monsters live inside some of us, they are invisible but are … More Art and D.I.D

My 2 hosts

I am part of a couple of Facebook group for DID. I don’t participate a lot but I love most of the discussion. One grab my attention this week. Someone posted a question about having 2 hosts and not knowing about it. I replied that my system is composed of 2 hosts. That person then … More My 2 hosts

Hospitals suck

Like many I hate hospitals. I spent my childhood in hospitals because of problems with my ears. This week, I had to go back to hospital just for the day because of a stomach ulcer (due to stress) and I was freaking out. When I told the nurse and the doctor that I was nervous, … More Hospitals suck

A bit of a change

As usual, a lot is going on in my head.   For many years now, I’ve been a strong believer that you need to talk about mental illness to educate people. I wanted to help others by opening myself to them. 18 years ago, I started to see a therapist for self harming and depression. … More A bit of a change

This week… Meh

I promised myself at the beginning of the year to write a blog post at least once a week. The thing is, right now, I don’t want to blog but somehow I know it would help me. This week isn’t a good week. Don’t ask me why, if I knew I would do something about … More This week… Meh