Hospitals suck

Like many I hate hospitals. I spent my childhood in hospitals because of problems with my ears. This week, I had to go back to hospital just for the day because of a stomach ulcer (due to stress) and I was freaking out. When I told the nurse and the doctor that I was nervous, … More Hospitals suck

This week… Meh

I promised myself at the beginning of the year to write a blog post at least once a week. The thing is, right now, I don’t want to blog but somehow I know it would help me. This week isn’t a good week. Don’t ask me why, if I knew I would do something about … More This week… Meh

People and I

Hello everyone ! I was planning to write a post about my dad and step mum today but I just don’t feel like it today. I might write it tomorrow or next week. Today I want to talk about me and people. People would usually describe as outgoing and friendly. However inside, it’s not the … More People and I

Am I a failure ?

I am scared of failures. My own failures to be precise (I am quite understanding with others’ failures). As I explained briefly in this post, I have a project of opening an online shop. This is for me one of my dreams. Working for myself, not for someone else, enjoying doing something I like. The … More Am I a failure ?