The second love of my life: Raphael

It’s going to be short post I think today (or not, we’ll see).

This post is for my Little One, Emily. She has been asking me for quite some time to write about Raphael and I think it’s a great idea.

Teddy Bears have always had a big place in my life and heart. When I was growing up I had a lamb that I absolutely adored (and still have at my mum’s). Then I had a little blue cat with my name on it given to me by my “mamie chat” (granny cat). I can’t talk about granny yet here because I always end up crying, I miss her very much. I will one day, I promise.

I/we also suck our thumb. Yep, you read it well. I have a 33 years old body and suck my thumb. I am in peace with it to be honest. For a long time, I wouldn’t admit it to anyone. Growing up, my mum tried everything to prevent me to suck my thumb. I was supposed to have braces but couldn’t stop so never had them. I know for a fact now that it’s not me that suck my thumb, it’s Emily. When she is tired or stressed or scared, it’s her way to cope, can I blame her? She knows she is only allowed on the evening though and only at home. J. didn’t know about it and found out only after 2 years together (and we were already living together). I probably look stupid doing it but I prefer to have this than cigarettes or alcohol or any dangerous habits (even overeating). Raphael goes hand to hand with the thumb sucking thing, he is a protector.

Anyway, back to him. Raphael was given to us at the very beginning of our therapy by our therapist. It helps us relax and Emily tells him her secrets. He is a good bear and he follows us everywhere we go. He went to Italy last year, Germany the year before and go to France twice a year. He lives at home during the day of course but travel with us if we are away for the night. He is a well travelled bear, don’t you think ?

Why “Raphael” ? because of the bear in this ad:

It is probably stupid but I love to think that Raphael is soft outside and hard on the inside and can attack dinosaurs ! T-Rex beware of Raphael !

Raphael is the second love of our life (after J. of course) and we couldn’t imagine our life without him.

Do you or your Little One have something that you/she/he wouldn’t be able to live without ?

3 thoughts on “The second love of my life: Raphael

  1. we have nibbles our purple bunny. she comes everywhere with us. even to the hospital and our psychiatrists office and we love her a lot. we have oceans of stuffies but she is our favourite. i’m glad Emily and you all have raffle to cuddle with. XX


  2. I sucked my thumb until I was 16 “in secret” but everyone knew. My paper Jesus fan, I couldn’t live without my paper Jesus fan. Now I alternate and it’s necklaces or bracelets that hold me together and I can’t take them off. Or maybe it’s my yoga blanket and really I’d love to take it everywhere. My son has my bear from when I was little.


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