National Multiple Personality Day

Today we celebrate Multiple Personality Disorder. I didn’t create the day, it’s a celebration that take place every 5th of March.

I think it’s a great way to create awareness around a disorder that isn’t well known and understood.

I’m going to share facts about DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Don’t hesitate to add your own in the comments and share, share, share ! We need to create awareness, we need to thank our brains for being so freaking fantastic, we need to love ourselves and our alters !

Facts about DID:

  • 1 out of 10 people in the world have a personality disorder.
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder isn’t the same as Schizophrenia ! yes we hear voices, but ours come from the inside, Schizophrenics hear voices from the outside.
  • People with DID can have a perfectly “normal” life, have an education, be successful, maintain a job, have a family.
  • The average number of alters is 10.
  • Women are 9 times more likely to be diagnosed with DID.
  • Studies show that 1% of the population might be affected.
  • DID is usually caused by trauma happened before the age of 9.
  • Alters do not integrate spontaneously.
  • Each alters can have their own voices, handwriting, languages, disabilities and even physical differences. They have their own personalities.
  • DID can be accompanied by depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, etc.
  • Switching is the process of changing from one alter/host to another.
  • Time loss is very common with DID. Don’t be offended if someone with DID is late or even don’t turn up.
  • 75% of people with DID have a least 1 alter under the age of 12.
  • When they first enter treatment, most DID victims are not aware of the existence of other personalities.
  • Multiple personality disorder has been recognized by physicians since the 17th century. While often confused with the relatively new diagnosis of schizophrenia throughout most of the 20th century, DID is again being understood as a legitimate and discrete disorder.
  • People think that they would recognised someone with DID, that it would be obvious. “Sensationalism sells. So it’s not surprising that depictions of DID in movies and TV are exaggerated. The more bizarre the portrayal, the more it fascinates and tempts viewers to tune in. Also, overstated portrayals make it obvious that a person has DID. But “DID is much more subtle than any Hollywood portrayal,” Brand said. In fact, people with DID spend an average of seven years in the mental health system before being diagnosed.” (Source)
  • 97% of the people diagnosed with DID had a traumatic childhood (prolonged traumatic events).


How to celebrate National Multiple Personality Day:

  • Greet us by saying “Happy national DID day!” Beware, we have more than 1 alters/hosts so don’t hesitate to celebrate it with each of them !
  • Do something fun for yourself and your alters. Don’t be afraid of what others can think that day. It’s YOUR day !
  • Use #multiplepersonalityday to post on social media


Happy National Multiple Personality Day !!!!

4 thoughts on “National Multiple Personality Day

  1. Thank you for this information, I was researching to write an article myself for a freelance job, and so far yours was the best article I came across.


  2. Those who (really) know me know us. I’m not crazy, he is! Well I guess that means we are. Living with multiples is not easy. It gets a little crowded in here. Can’t we all just get along? We all appreciate your time. Thanks for being aware that there are people who struggle with the oddities of “DID. Really just kidding around here, but DID is a real condition which needs more research to help the people who really suffer with it’s difficulties.


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