A shift occured…

Since the argument with my dad, something happened inside me.

You will need to know the rest of the story to understand what I mean.


Following my argument with my dad, he promised me that he was going to talk to my step mum and that she will have to apologise to me. I didn’t believe that. My dad is very macho (was beating my mum’s up for many years and I was the one helping her afterwards) but coming to make decisions is very much of a… how can I say that ? Well his life has always been directed by women (his mistresses and his new wife mainly).

So when he told me he was going to talk to my stepmum, I laughed inside.


On the same evening, I received an email from her, apologising.


The “old me” would have replied straight away with all the anger I carried. But this time, it was different. My reply was very calm and honest. I said what I wanted to say without the anger. Actually I should say with a channelled anger.


I saw my therapist couple of days later and explained to her what happened, what I’ve said etc. and showed her the email. She was really happy as it seems I’ve achieved something.

Since something changed inside me, like a weight lifted. For the first time in my life, I can actually say honestly that I don’t care what the both of them think of me and my life. They don’t know anything and prefer to make assumptions. Fine by me.


I still have some work to do but:

I actually don’t care anymore! 


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